Andes and Amazon

Andes and Amazon

Andes and Amazon

8 Days


Ollantaytambo (2), Cusco (1), Jungle Lodge (3)


Get ready for an unforgettable 8-day adventure in Peru, from the impressive Andes Mountains to the endless Amazon rainforest. Your adventure kicks off in the Sacred Valley, where you’ll step into the rich history of the Inca Empire. Then visit one of the modern wonders of the world as you explore Machu Picchu. After an incredible time in the mountains you will move to the Amazon jungle. Staying at a remote lodge surrounded by unparalleled biodiversity, each day will provide countless opportunities to explore this magical place. Trek through the forest and spot exotic wildlife as you learn about the flora and fauna around you. This program offers a captivating mix of cultural discovery, historical insights, and natural beauty, ensuring a memorable and transformative experience in Peru.


  • Marvel at the breathtaking Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
  • Explore the vibrant and historic city of Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire.
  • Journey deep into the Amazon Jungle and stay at a secluded lodge surrounded by rich biodiversity.
  • Embark on daily jungle excursions to discover exotic wildlife and unique plant species.
  • Experience two distinct regions of Peru on an unforgettable adventure!


It’s time to head to the airport for an evening flight to Lima. You’ll arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) early the next morning, where you’ll meet your tour director who will accompany you throughout the program.
Overnight: overnight flight to Peru

Upon arrival in Lima, you’ll catch a short connecting flight to Cusco. As you descend into the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, take in the breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains. After grabbing your luggage and boarding the bus, you’ll take a private bus to enjoy a light lunch. Continue your drive into the Sacred Valley, stopping for scenic views along the way. Once settled into your hotel, your tour director will provide an orientation on the history and culture of Peru.
Overnight: Ollantaytambo

Start your day with a picturesque train ride through lush valleys and rugged mountains to Aguas Calientes, the gateway to Machu Picchu. Upon arrival, you’ll ascend to the iconic ruins, where a guided tour awaits. Your guide will share the fascinating stories and secrets of this ancient Inca citadel, revealing the architectural marvels, religious significance, and daily life of the Incas. Take in the panoramic views from the terraces, capturing the sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains and the Urubamba River below. This is your moment to appreciate the grandeur of Machu Picchu, a site that has inspired and awed travelers for generations. After a day of exploration and wonder, descend back to Aguas Calientes and reflect on your experience during a leisurely train ride back to Ollantaytambo.
Overnight: Ollantaytambo

Wake up and head to Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage site! Explore Cusco’s 16th-century cathedrals, ancient Inca temples, and colonial streets–all at 3,400 meters above sea level! In the afternoon, visit the Chocolate Museum and make your own handmade chocolates from Peruvian cacao. Enjoy dinner and rest up for the big transition tomorrow.
Overnight: Cusco

Today, you’ll venture straight into the heart of the Amazon Jungle. Wake up early and fly to Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to this incredible region. Upon arrival, you’ll travel upriver to a secluded jungle lodge, nestled deep within one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. Once settled into your new accommodations, you’ll have time to relax and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature before preparing for the first jungle excursion to observe wildlife. The lodge offers basic yet comfortable amenities, with a dedicated staff providing delicious buffet meals. After dinner, you’ll embark on a guided night tour to discover the forest’s nocturnal creatures.

Overnight: Jungle Lodge

The next two days will be dedicated to fully immersing yourself in jungle life. Begin each day with an excursion into the lush jungle surroundings. Return to the lodge during the midday heat and humidity to rest and relax, mirroring the natural behavior of the local wildlife. During these breaks, you can also watch camera trap footage that has made its way back to camp.

In the afternoon and evening, head back out to observe the transition from day to night and the accompanying animal activities. Each day, embark on a walking safari to spot various endemic Amazonian animals. Depending on the time of year of your tour and the weather, you might have the chance to visit a salt lick where macaws gather for mineral nutrients, or take a boat along the river to see caimans and capybaras.

We also have the option to spend a night on a jungle platform, the only legal structure in the entire national forest. After paddling on a lake home to numerous rare animals, you will sleep in the open air under mosquito nets, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience immersed in nature. These two days in the jungle will be absolutely incredible!

Overnight: Jungle Lodge

After an exhilarating time in the jungle, it’s time to say goodbye and make your way back home. After returning to Puerto Maldonado by boat, enjoy a quick tour of the city before we catch a plane back over the Andes to the Peruvian capital of Lima. Arriving in Lima, enjoy one last Peruvian dinner before catching a night flight home. Adios!

This Trip Includes

  • Round-trip airfare
  • All accommodations on program
  • All transportation in-country
  • All meals on the program
  • All activities as outlined in the itinerary
  • A Tour Director available 24 hours a day from when you arrive until you depart
  • Sightseeing tours and excursions led by local guides as specified
  • Airport transfers and transportation between destination cities
  • Travel insurance for all participants
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance
  • Support from GEC representatives abroad

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